Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Collector's Edition Conundrum

I had already started playing #SWTOR as part of Beta and Early Game Access.  Lost in the recesses of my feeble mind, the fact that I had pre-ordered 2 copies of the Collector's Edition on July 21 from my local EB Games. I went to the store today, exactly 5 months later, ostensibly to cancel both of the pre-orders and get my $10 back. Then I got to talking with the store manager ... and I ended up buying one of the two pre-ordered copies.  As I write this, 30 minutes later, so long as I was not being had, the other CE is already in someone else's hands ... he told me they would be gone within 30 minutes if I cancelled.

Now I am left with the decision, and I look to you, my readers for help.  As far as I can tell, these are my options:

1. Return the unopened CE to EB Games for refund
2. Keep the CE, call it an investment, sell it "in Mint Condition" on eBay in a few years and retire!
3. Cancel and obtain refund from Origin for my DDE, and upgrade my DDE key to a CE Key on the official SWTOR site
4. Keep both and have 2 accounts, one DDE and one CE
5. Ask my wife what to do, since ultimately, she will make my decision based on her reaction to me spending another $150 on SWTOR!

What do you all think?

My CE - in my back seat. What shall I do with it?


  1. You could give it to me...or ask the wife, which is the safe thing to do!

  2. Its is Christmas time and I dont live that far from you.

  3. LOL to both of you! I have had a cash offer as well, and this guy lives even closer than you do, Jason. When I initially told my wife, she asked why I didn't buy both of them. Then I told her they were $150 a piece ... so no answer on that front :)

  4. I would go with the eBay option. Some folks are already selling them for $200+, and it's still possible to buy the collector's edition at store prices from what I understand. Of course, that's coming from someone who's going to frame all the stuff that came in his CE: so ....

  5. @canudig thanks for that! Being risk averse, I always worry that the price will DROP intesad of increase!

  6. Well, I would suggest if your wife played, keep the second one and have her play. I personally (if I did not need it) would attempt to sell for break even at minimum. My two cents.

  7. Thank you @Maxsus for the comment. As much as I would LOVE it if my wife would play, unfortunately, she gets motion sickness with video games, so it's not an option.

    I have decided to leave the CE box, unopened and in mint condition on top of my bookshelf. Hopefully the investment will pay off someday!