Monday, December 19, 2011

25 Minutes to Launch

I sit and stare at my screen this evening; the family is in bed, and the launch of a 2 year obsession (for me) is finally at hand.  I can't even imagine how the folks over at Bioware are feeling at the moment. I am so terribly proud to have met so many of them over this past while (virtually, that is), and more so, I am excited and proud to have been a small part of their raving followers community.

The next few weeks will be especially hectic, but the groundwork has been carefully laid for what looks to be one of the most successful launches of an MMO in video game history. Certainly, it has been stellar thus far.

Belana is all ready to leave Tython (once I find the last few codex entries). I wanted to make sure of that before the launch.

Adaram waits patiently for me to give him some more attention. At level 8, he is not far from leaving the noxious fumes of Hutta behind while pursuing the next greatest Bounty.

My third character has been created, and Maandos is ready to really Sith some butt alongside my best friend in the world, who is playing Morgeth as an Inquisitor in this universe. These characters will only be played when we can play together, and it has been a very long time since we have found a game that has excited both of us as much as this one! I would like you all to meet him as we now roll into the last 10 minutes before this momentous event!


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